Youth Soccer Club Partnerships

The Harrisburg Heat offers an exciting partner program with soccer clubs and recreation councils in the area.

Partnership Benefits:

Harrisburg Heat will not be forming any youth teams. We are here to help everyone in the area through the following benefits:

  • Heat can provide coaching instruction to your coaches.
  • Heat can do a clinic for your players
  • Heat players and staff are available as guest speakers or making an appearance at your events
  • Heat can partner with you on camps
  • Heat can give your players discounts to Heat Summer Soccer Camps
  • Heat can provide ticket discounts to your players and their families to watch the Heat games
  • Heat can provide meet and greet opportunities with players before Heat games on your club nights
  • Teams will be able to participate in the Parade of Champions before Heat games

Contact Kevin Healey at to discuss this great partnership opportunity for your program.

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