Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a service charge/ convenience fee on all tickets?

All sports teams and concert venues have service charges on their tickets. The Harrisburg Heat’s fee is $3, which is lower than most teams and concerts. These fees defray the cost of our ticketing system, amusement taxes, and administrative costs. Other teams and ticket agencies charge an average of $7-$8 for service/convenience fees. Some also charge a higher price for tickets on gameday.

Why doesn’t the concession stands offer more varieties of food and shorter lines?

The Harrisburg Heat have no control over the food vendor nor do we make any money on the concessions. Centerplate handles all concessions for the Farm Show complex.

Why is there a parking fee?

The Farm Show Complex charges $10 to park for home games. The Harrisburg Heat does not set this rate nor does the Heat receive any parking proceeds. The rate is fairly standard and still lower than parking in Hershey at Giant Center.

What do I do if I have a Heat ticket voucher?

Bring it to the Heat box office the night of the game and we will give you a free ticket in exchange.  You can also bring it to our office at Maclay Street during the week. Ticket vouchers cannot be redeemed online.

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