In a close match that that was tied in the 4th quarter, the Harrisburg Heat lost to Utica City FC 7-5.

The match started with Utica City FC establishing an early dominance. Gordy Gurson opened the scoring for City FC at 09:12, setting the tone for the first half. This was soon followed by Keaton Woods, who found the net at 13:48 with an assist from Geo Alves, doubling their lead to 2-0.

The second quarter saw the Heat showing resilience. Alejandro Arbelaez, assisted by Robert Williamson, put the Heat on the scoreboard at 03:04. However, City FC’s Rafa Godoi extended their lead again at 04:35. The Heat’s Malcolm Harris, with an assist from Dominic Francis, narrowed the gap to 4-2. The quarter ended on a high note for the Heat as Joey Tavernese scored on a power play, assisted by Onua Obasi, making it 3-4.

The third quarter was a testament to the Heat’s fighting spirit. Roshawn Panton, with an assist from Malcolm Harris, leveled the score at 4-4 early in the quarter. However, City FC regained the lead with Logan Roberts scoring at 05:07.

The final quarter was a rollercoaster of emotions. Just over a minute into the fourth quarter, the Heat tied it up on a blistering counter attack. Harrisburg’s Dominic Francis finished at the near post, setting up an intense final 14 minutes.  City FC’s Logan Roberts, with his second goal of the night, and Nelson Santana, scoring against 6 attackers, sealed the victory for Utica City FC.

Despite a valiant effort from the Harrisburg Heat, Utica City FC managed to clinch the win in this closely contested match. The Heat showcased remarkable tenacity and skill, but City FC’s strategic plays and consistent scoring ultimately led to their victory. Fans of the Heat, while disappointed with the result, can certainly be proud of the team’s performance and spirit. The team looks forward to their next challenge, aiming to bounce back stronger.

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