Players Return To Heat After Season

With the Harrisburg Heat not playing this year due the COVID virus and the related restrictions, the Heat players are allowed to go on loan to other Major Arena Soccer League teams for the remainder of the season.  All of the players return to the Heat immediately after the season.

Defender, Elton de Oliveira, was loaned to the Tacoma Stars for the season while Will Eskay and JJ Gibson are on loan to the St. Louis Ambush.  Other players may be announced next week.

Pat Healey, Heat General Manager and Head Coach, commented “Although it is disappointing that the Harrisburg Heat won’t be able to compete in this season of the MASL, I am glad our players are able to play on other teams.  I will continue to watch all the games online and will support our players as best as I can.  I look forward to having them come back to the Heat at the end of this season and help us contend for a championship next season.”


All fans are encouraged to watch the seven remaining teams play for the 2020/2021 MASL championship.  Games can be watched on Facebook Live via pay per view.  Information to sign up for the games individually or for the entire season is on the league web site at