The Heat Have Nothing to Lose Against Baltimore in Upcoming Eastern Divisional Finals

The Heat Have Nothing to Lose Against Baltimore in Upcoming Eastern Divisional Finals

This week the Heat are readying for the biggest game they’ve played all season,  and one that few predicted they’d be playing when it all began in November.

“Few thought we would win many games and fewer people imagined we would be in playoffs,” mused Carl Delmont, GM/CEO of the Heat.  “Of all the teams in postseason, we are the only one not expected or predicted to be here, and that bodes in our favor.”

Winning only one game last season,  the Heat’s Eastern Division Second Place regular season finish cements the sentiment that the new Heat ownership has led one of the biggest turnarounds in history.  Now they take on the Blast for a chance toward a Championship win on Saturday and next Tuesday.

“Candidly , we have nothing to lose,” said Delmont.  “This has been an amazing season and turnaround . If our opponents lose to us , they won’t consider their season successful; if our season ends on Tuesday, it was still successful. I like our position.”

The players and coaches are motivated and feel that this is a team of destiny.  Each says  that their goal is to win a Championship for Heat fans .  And having proven they can defeat the Blast earlier in the season,  the Heat knows that it is possible.

The Heat is glad to have won the game that secured their playoff spot at home, in front of fans.  Now the team hopes to win again at home Tuesday night for the fans.

“A weeknight isn’t ideal , but arena availability is limited in March, ” remarked Delmont.  “We need our fans to fill the arena and give us the edge at home.”

Divisional Final Playoff Game 1 is being played at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore Saturday at 7:05 p.m.  The Blast has a strong, consistent team and the Heat will have to continue to put their best performances forward to win.  Gonzaga and Carvalho lead the Heat in goals, Basso leads the league in blocks and Hugo DaSilva continues to wow the crowd with his powerful goalkeeping.

Eastern Divisional Final Game 2 will be on Tuesday,  March 14 @ 7:35 p.m. at the PA Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg. for tickets.

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