After a giant win over Baltimore Saturday night in the Eastern Divisional Playoff Game 1, the Heat is ready to taste more victory tomorrow night.

“One win away from the semi finals, this team is definitely a ‘never say never’ team,” said GM/CEO Carl Delmont.  “This team continues to defy predictions and create history.”

Coming off of the momentum from Saturday night, there are several  amazing performances to thank for the win.  However, one standout, the Heat’s Rookie Goalie Hugo DaSilva is now 2-1 in the goal against the Blast throughout the season.  His performance, “Save by Silva,” keeping the Blast at bay Saturday has resulted in the league’s top playoff save percentage at .846.

Winning only one game last season,  the Heat’s Eastern Division Playoff win further  cements the sentiment that the new Heat ownership has led one of the biggest turnarounds in history.

If the players believe it is destiny to bring a Championship home to Harrisburg this season, winning game 1 has certainly put them on the right track.   The Heat, and the Blast, know that sweeping this series is entirely possible, and now they will be at home in front of Heat fans.

“The snow has put a damper on the schedule  but the arena has been accommodating,” remarked Delmont.  “We hope our  fans will dig out from the snow and come out to fill the arena and give us the edge at home.”

As reigning champs, the Blast will be ready to reclaim victory, so the play is sure to be competitive as much is at stake.  If the Blast wins, there will be a mini-game immediately following to determine the ultimate victor.

Eastern Divisional Final Playoff Game 2 is being played at PA Farm Show Arena at 7:35 p.m. tomorrow night.  $15 every seat in the house ticket deal. for tickets.